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We Lift Things Up and Put Them Down
Follow our adventures in the iron temple and supplement lab. No gain is too big, no pump too small.

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We’re a team of regular gym-goers who decided it was time to separate supplements fact from fiction. To have honest discussions about cycle support, PCT protocols, and the very real risks involved when pushing physical limits. This isn’t your average bodybuilding blog spamming affiliate links and pushing dubious claims.

From meatheads to lifters

Our writers have walked the path of enhanced physiques so you don’t have to start from ground zero. From meticulously documented first-cycle experiences to detailed logs of multi-year bouts of experimentation, we spare no detail in the name of armchair athletes everywhere. Want unbiased reviews of the latest prohormones? You’ve come to the right place. Curious about less-popular compounds like halotestin or oxymetholone? We break it all down.

Our mission

Above all, we aim to lift the veil of bro-science and ego surrounding performance aids. Hard-earned nuggets of wisdom are shared freely so the community grows in knowledge. There are no sacred cows here – if something proves too risky or not worth the possible gains, we say so.

So whether you’re a lifetime gym-goer looking to enhance naturally or considering your first foray into chemically-assisted transformations, we’ve got your back. Let the pursuit of pump peace and full disclosure begin!